Does Brampton transit pass work on MiWay?

Transfer Policy Brampton Transit will accept transfers from the following transit agencies anywhere, only if there is time remaining on the transfer: MiWay. YRT / VIVA.

Can I use TTC transfer on MiWay?

Pay your TTC fare when you board in Toronto and pay your MiWay fare (cash fee $ 4.00 or MiWay Special Purpose Ticket) when you go out in Mississauga. The TTC Transit Operator will issue a special wire transfer. Show this special transfer to a MiWay transit operator when you board a MiWay bus in Mississauga.

Can I pay MiWay with PRESTO?

Most of our customers are already using SOON while taking MiWay. It’s the easiest and most convenient way to pay a fee – you can load your card via the PRESTO website, using the new PRESTO app or wherever PRESTO is sold, then tap and drive. ” For more information on MiWay fares, visit miway .ca / bus.

Does the Brampton transit use SOON?

Brampton Transit passes can be loaded onto a PRESTO card at Brampton Transit terminals / facilities or online at Using a PRESTO card makes it easy tariff payments. No more cash, paper tickets or season tickets to worry about.

Is Brampton Transit private?

Brampton Transit (BT) is a public transport bus operator for the city of Brampton in the Peel Regional Municipality and within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Ontario, Canada. Brampton Transit began operations in 1974.

Does Brampton Transit accept Mississauga transfers?

The transfer allows you to board a connecting bus route without paying an additional fee. The transfer will also be accepted by Oakville Transit and Brampton Transit at locations where these services connect to the Mississauga Transit service.

How much does the GTA Weekly Pass cost?

The GTA weekly pass is $ 63.00 but it may or may not apply to you. It all depends on the number of trips you plan to do per day. You can only get it on certain terminals, so you need to keep this in mind.

Is the TTC monthly subscription worth it?

Young people, as well as seniors, can travel at a reduced rate. If your child also uses TTC on weekends, consider a monthly subscription to save money. A monthly subscription worth 27 round tripsbut it offers you unlimited travel!

Where can I use the Presto monthly subscription?

TTC monthly passes

  • via the PRESTO app.
  • online on
  • at any participating Shoppers Drug Mart point.
  • at one of our fare vending machines or charging vending machines, located in all TTC metro stations.

Does Mississauga have TTC?

Two routes are operated by the TTC to the city of Mississauga: 58 Malton – operates between Lawrence West Station, Toronto Pearson International Airport, McNaughton and Westwood Mall.

How do I get a Presto in Brampton card?

Purchase a PRESTO card for $ 6 in person at:

  1. Select Retail Stores. Buy a card, load it and set the fare type. Minimum load: $ 0.05.
  2. Automatic tariff dispenser. In all TTC metro stations.
  3. Automatic ticket dispenser. At selected stations GO Transit and UP Express.
  4. Customer service point of sale. Buy a card, load it and set the fare type.

Is there a monthly GTA subscription?

YRT monthly passes are a convenient and economical way to travel. They offer unlimited travel for the calendar month, are transferable and can be used by anyone during the month of validity.
Prices of monthly passes.

Tariff category Price
Adult1 $ 154
Youth2 $ 118
Elderly3 $ 65
Baby4 $ 65

How do paper TTC transfers work?

Paper transfers issued by the TTC are intended exclusively for passengers who pay in cash, tickets or tokens faucet your PRESTO card against a card reader when you get into a TTC vehicle when you get on board, your transfer is noted on the card the moment you touch your card.

What is the most popular mode of transport in Brampton?

The 10 best public transportation in Brampton, ON

  1. Brampton GO Station. Railway station.
  2. Brampton transit. Public transport.
  3. Transportation on the highway. Public transport.
  4. Mississauga City Center Transit Terminal. Public transport.
  5. Brampton entrance terminal.
  6. Go to bus line 40.
  7. Square One GO Bus Terminal.
  8. Lighthouse transit lines.

Do buses run in Brampton?

We are currently operating with a reduced service, check the timetables before traveling. Non-medical masks are mandatory on buses and at terminals.

Is Brampton Transit free?

In response to COVID-19, Brampton Transit is making changes to its services starting this week, including free servicemore cleanliness and more buses on busy routes. As of now, Brampton Transit terminals and its service terminals will maintain regular opening hours to offer passenger support.

Is there a GO train to Brampton?

Brampton GO Station is a railway station served by GO Transit and Via Rail, located at 27 Church Street West in downtown Brampton, Ontario, Canada. It is directly connected to Downtown Brampton Terminal which serves GO Transit and Brampton Transit buses.

Can I use Presto in Waterloo?

Daily service between from the University from Waterloo to the entire GO Transit Bus & Rail system throughout Southern Ontario. Presto Fare Card available and rechargeable at the Turnkey Counter.

Do you have to pay for TTC?

Customers with cash, TTC tickets and tokens are not required to pay the fare on a bus at this time“, Reads the page of the TTC COVID-19. Of course, it is much easier to get on a tram without paying than at an often busy subway station with turnstiles that require a Presto card to pass through for entry.

Do Cards Expire Soon?

PRESTO cards no longer expireeven if an expiration date is indicated on the card (you can continue to use the card even after a specified expiration date).

What is a PRESTO transit pass?

SOON it is the smart card fare option for York Region Transit (YRT). With a PRESTO card, you won’t have to worry about buying bus tickets, a paper monthly pass or having the correct change to travel with YRT. You may start seeing new PRESTO payment devices throughout the YRT system. For more information, visit the PRESTO website.

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